Monday, 24 March 2014


Hi Guys

Had a great day yesterday, I went to the IRTS rally & AGM hosted by the Galway VHF Group at the Galway Bay Hotel.

I had to set off about 8.15am which is too early for me.  I only started to wake up at a pitstop in Galway when I munched into a breakfast roll.

The rally kicked off about 11am, and I met my good friend, Ger EI4GXB.  There were already a lot of people there hoping to get their hands on some bargains, and I had a good nosey around to see what was was on offer.  Lots of bring and buys bargains to be had and I hung around this table to keep my eyes on whatever was being brought in.

Steve EI5DD did a great job of hosting the event, along with his other members, and keep guests informed of what was happening throughout the day.

There was a great presentation at about 12pm where a group of Canadian hams will be attempting to make a transatlantic 2m contact with Ireland, this really peaked both my dad and my interest as we have a large 2m beam that is decorating our back garden wall at present and hasnt been used.  After this I made a new friend, the hotel penguin!!

 Seamus, the IRTS president, even gave both my brother and I the chance to wear his chain of office which was really cool!!

The AGM began at 2pm and this was all new to me, I didnt know what to expect as I had never been to one.  It was very informative and interesting.

I was even more surprised when the award ceremony began and I got to see members being awarded cups and shields for their efforts relating to the hobby.  My other friend, Anthony Murphy EI2KC, was awarded the Sheila Piper Cup, which was a nice present for him as he was 40 yesterday also!

But to my extreme surprise my name was called as the winner of the Arup Cup! I was so shocked I didnt know what to do, even whether or not to get up, so I sat back down until Ger had to call me to come up.  Apparently I was awarded this for putting up with Ger in YOTA (HI).

Arup Cup
The Arup family in memory of their son EI3M who died at an early age donated this cup to the Society. The cup is beautifully crafted in Danish silver and is awarded for exceptional service to the Society or to Amateur Radio by an amateur licensed for a period of five years or less. It was first awarded in 1948.

My mother EI9GSB was also elected as a committee member for the coming year and is the first ever female to sit on the committee since its formation, 82 years ago!!

A great day all round


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