Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mizen Madness

Hi Guys

It has been 2 days since operating EI0IMD at Mizen Head with the group. Since coming home I have been tired, but it was all fun and interesting.

To start off our trip My Dad and I visited Pat EI2GHB and had a cup of tea shortly before heading on our journey. We set off around 3:00pm and arrived at Mizen roughly around 5:00pm and to my surprise the weather was terrible. It was lashing rain with gale force winds and quite cold also.

The other members arrived at Mizen around 6 - 8pm, so we decided it was time for setting up the antennas. My Dad and I went out to the back of the Visitor Centre were the antennas are usually setup and begun putting up a 40m dipole which was a bit difficult because of the force of the winds but in the end it was up and running nicely :).  Claus EI7JZ came out shortly after we headed out back and begun putting up a simple 20M j - pole which worked okay :)  

We kicked off maybe an hour or so before Marconi Day begun just testing antennas and securing a frequency for when 00:00 hit. On Saturday the whether was better still quite windy but varying between sunny and cloudy which was an improvement from the day previous.

During all of Saturday we worked, switching between operators and just having a good laugh.
We had two stations on the air, one on 40m in the upstairs of the Visitors Centre and a second station downstairs in a private room operating various bands.

This was my first Mizen while being licensed and I enjoyed every minute of it. We finished the activation with a good amount of contacts and it was all around good fun. I really enjoyed this and I can't wait until next year.

Jordan EI4HLB


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